Saturday, March 28, 2015

Too Precious to Share

I struggle with sharing.  Books. Yes, I have a book rack in my classroom.  This year it is filled mostly with board books, class books, they still love the one we made at Halloween!  And Scholastic books,   you know the ones I can buy with points or not much cash.  But the books I love most and look forward to sharing, (ok reading to them,) I don't put out.
I teach four and five year olds.  Yes I've modeled how to treat books, I've set up structure on where to sit, and how to look  at a book with a friend.  But time after time books that are now out of print get torn.  This year's group is especially hard on books.  I have several extremely impulsive students.  
I've rationalized that by keeping them away the books will survive to be shared many more times.  I still feel guilty. If a child requests a book I cheerfully  reread it. I often sit beside a child to share the pictures.  But this year, if it's a book I treasure, it's not going to be freely available.  Unless I can't handle the guilt.


  1. Your honesty shines through in this piece, as does your inner conflict. Words like yes and but, still and unless create a contrast that shows how difficult it is to stick to your decision. The ending is especially well crafted when you leave us wondering how this will all turn out - for you and your students.

  2. This is a dilemma that most teachers face. It is so important to put books into the hands of children. I try to get extra copies of my mentor texts at inexpensive prices at bargain stores, library sales etc.

  3. I am an avid book lover. It's been hard having a two year old who I'm trying to teach the love of reading. She DESTROYS books. It's not that she doesn't love them, she loves them too much. So I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate the honesty. ;)

  4. I think you are preserving the books:) You are modeling that books are to be respected. They will understand that you treasure all books. I have to admit I do the same thing. I have a small "teacher collection" over on a different bookshelf that I save until it is time to study that unit.