Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Glasses

One of my smallest kindergartners came in today, the first day after spring break, wearing new glasses.  I grinned and said, "T, I love your new glasses!  They make you look so handsome."  I watched as he showed off his special cleaning cloth.  We waited as he  importantly cleaned them with the precision of a surgeon before writing time, reading time, snack time and pickup line.  I marveled at the “magical sunglasses” at recess time.   I’ll confess to a small grin as he walked down the hall temporally blinded by the dark lenses.  Later in the day we admired the case that came with his glasses for special protection when he removed them before gym class.  I wanted to ask why he could wear them to recess but not gym but today is not for rational behaviors. 
I played the Ace when I called “anyone wearing glasses”, as a reason to join the lunch line and watched him and a few other luck friends walk importantly to be at the front of the line.  I hope he will soon forget he wears glasses and we can see our way to day with far less drama. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Newsprint and Ink, I Miss Them

Changes in habits are not easy for me to accept.  Several years ago the Big City newspaper we’d received every morning stopped delivering to our area.  While my husband replaced his need for sports scores and articles by reading online I still miss the ritual of opening the paper to find my favorite columnists.  Three years later on vacation days I still think longingly about going to the Free Press box to get the paper and enjoy a leisurely start to my day
Last month our local afternoon paper changed delivery from daily to a 3 day a week schedule.  Once again I’m lost.  I love reading the newspaper.  As a child I remember being sprawled on my stomach on the living room floor; elbows propping up my torso, as I plugged my ears and held up my head at the same time as I lay reading the newspaper.  I was one of five children.  If I wanted to enjoy and think, I found quiet the only way I could in that old farm house.
This evening as I finished reading the newspaper and folded it up in the recycling container I sadly thought ahead to Thursday and then again Sunday when I’d again scan and read the articles that caught my eye and then filling in the other articles before I turn the page again to learn about my community and world.