Friday, March 20, 2015

A Long Weekend


I took the day off today.  We have a substitute teacher shortage and I wasn't sure they could be able to get my room covered.  But Doctors just don't seem to want to work weekend and evenings, or if they do I'm not offered any of those times.
I had put my absence into our substitute teacher system last week.  No one had picked up my job.  Years ago I would have worked a half day, but I've learned half day jobs are never picked up, no one wants to commit to a half day when they can work a full day.
I needed to keep the appointment.   I was planning on working until 1:30 and making the drive if the opening didn't get filled.  Several friends offered to have my class join their class.  Not a perfect solution, I really needed to keep my appointment.
 I was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday when the school secretary told me a former worker stopped in and was willing to sub.  Yippee! I got to sleep in!  Do a little shopping and still make my appointment.  It is amazing how relaxed I am going into this weekend.


  1. Yay! Glad you were able to have a day for YOU.

  2. That is so good! It is so hard when there is a shortage of subs. It is such a crapshoot in my district too. I am glad you were able to get to the doctor and have some relaxing time too.