Monday, March 9, 2015

Is that a Mountain?

When my son asked me tonight if he was always a worrier as a child I was taken aback.  I never thought of him as concerned, never as worried.  Oh the things you don’t know about your children.  Then I recalled myself as a child.  When we went for long car rides, like the trip north to my grandparent’s house, I was full of concern. I always worried that our car wouldn’t be able to make it up big hills I saw as I peered over the seat.  From my back seat spot I thought every hill was a mountain and we surely wouldn’t make it to the top.  I also worried we’d roll backwards to the bottom and crash the cars behind us.  I’m fairly certain I never voiced my concern to my parents!

1 comment:

  1. Oh the life of a child and not being able to be in control! I'm curious if your son considers himself a worrier now?

    My youngest was always a big worrier. She always need to know what was going on and what to expect. Oh, and she never wanted to go somewhere that we hadn't been before. Thankfully she's mostly grown out of that now.