Monday, March 30, 2015

Not what I Planned...


Tomorrow I need to be out of my classroom for about 45 minutes for a meeting at our administration office.  The schedule isn’t firm, but the time will probably fall at the end of my kid’s special class.  The time could reach into the time when we have writing and then my kids go into intervention time. 
My principal is going to cover for me.  First year principal a former Middle School Math teacher principal.  One of the Instructional Aides is going to be gone, so I need to accommodate two very different levels of kids. 

The time is before lunch, does that need to rule out the jelly bean graphing lesson?  Sugar before lunch?  Probably not a great idea. 


  1. Oh boy! No pressure, right?! That sounds like a very stressful situation-- best of luck!! Hope it goes really well!

  2. Hope it went well! I agree with Katy that it sounds stressful…but also very informative for your principal, covering for you. She will see the work you do daily!! I hope you share what happens!