Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Day Can ONLY Get Better

It will be a busy day.  Good thing I woke up at my usual 5:30.  I quietly showered so I wouldn’t wake our sleeping grandchildren.  I know the oldest usually wake at 7:30, I’ll have plenty of time to run to the grocery store and get back home.  Grandpa should be able to sleep in, if I get back quickly.
Last night we drove our son and daughter in law’s van home, no need to switch all the car seats for one night.  We will be going back to the new house.  I’m providing lunch for all the helpers.  I took the fob off the key ring.  Thankful once again my husband always hangs up all the keys.  No searching for keys for me.  Wow!  It sure is dark with day light savings time. 
I inserted the fob, and rotated it to start.  Nothing!  We don’t have this style of key.  Dang this makes me feel old.  I flip the key over, still nothing.  It’s 6:35.  I text Brad, ask if he’s awake.  I ask for pointers on how to start his van.  I get an immediate call.  After a week full of water seeping into the basement, a plumber to turn on the water, a broken toilet and broken valve I hate to be the bearer of more expensive news.  I followed all the directions he could give me.  When nothing works I promise Dad can get this fixed when he wakes up. 
Mentally changing my morning schedule I turn to walk back into the house.  I trip over the lawnmower wheel, catch myself before I fall.  As I enter the house I dutifully hang up the key fob.  Next to the….KEY FOB!  Grabbing the other fob I go back to the garage.  I’d been using the key for the vehicle my husband has been using for work this week.

After a quick call to Brad to admit my mistake I head off to the store.  I sure hope I can manage to follow the recipe for the cookies I plan to make!


  1. Oh no! Glad it was a simple fix. One time we couldn't get my husband's key to lock and unlock his door. We found the small round battery in the middle of the driveway the next day!

  2. Hopefully it got better. Sounds like it had to. :-D

  3. Hopefully it got better. Sounds like it had to. :-D