Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tipping My Hat to Kid Art

Tonight I hung 18 Cat in the Hats in the hall.   I am proud to note, not one of them looked the same as another.  Yes, we all started with a white circle, but several haven’t yet achieved perfect cutting skills.  The rectangles for the hat were all the same pre-cut size, but the jaunty tilt to several, show their placement skills.  Oh my! Those red horizontal stripes!  The spatial abilities are….developing! 
Did you know if you color a square and then cut from corner to corner you can get a circle?  No?  Me either!  Still, the noses are adorable.  The black whiskers were supposed to be near the nose, I guess that cat has a beard! 
I thought the names would go on the background paper, but when Zach decided to print his name on the brim of the hat his classmates followed his superior leadership abilities.  Dang, they can all now write their names clearly!
Yes, I hung these after the art maven next door went home.   I love the individual art, not the teacher hand over the student hand she insists on.  I won’t apologize I love KID art. 


  1. Amen. I am a fan of directed drawings, which has some amount of sameness but allows for individuality too. I love seeing kids artwork. Social Media had a picture going around for awhile that said, "If you are good are at ART, you are an artist! If you are not good at ART, you are an artist!" I loved that.

  2. I love the individual art, too! How awesome that no two looked alike. To me, that shows that children were invested in the project, giving it their all. Kudos! You had a fun Dr. Seuss birthday!

  3. I love kid art, too! The imperfections are what make it beautiful!

  4. Never apologize for that kid art. I've never been a fan of directed drawings (Indie's word) or of "art" that looks all the same at the end of the project. Where is the flair? The originality? The art? Ugh! Keep doing what you're doing, Lori!