Sunday, March 15, 2015

Belling the Cat

Like a cat poised to kill its feathered prey, our former principal patrolled the halls looking to pounce on her victims.  Children were admonished, threatened and expelled.  Teachers were ridiculed, criticized and demeaned.  She’s not a quiet person but you never quite knew when she’d show up and we all dreaded her appearance outside our door.  She rarely visited, but she’d lurk, hoping to find something.
After a long and painful five years under her reign,  our new superintendent listed to our list of horrible stories and reassigned her to another building and grade level. 
We’ve now had new leadership for six months.  We’ve settled into a new set of expectations.  As cold and flu season came along we realized we many of us shared the feeling of dread when we heard an adult cough in the hall.  Our former principal had a chronic cough.  Probably from an allergy to children, we all knew if she were out and about we’d hear her cough.  Her cough was as telling as a bell around a cat’s neck.

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