Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sometimes You Just NEED to Show off

School dismissed at noon on Thursday.  The staff had professional development, Mali had big plans!  She was excited because she was going to her cousin’s house for the afternoon.  The last time she went there she came in the next day with her hair straightened.  She didn’t know what they were going to do but she was sure it would be amazing.
Friday morning arrived and I realized later that Mali was so excited to show off she had skipped her usual stop in the cafeteria for breakfast.  “Look!” she called out.  “My toenails are all sparkly and purple!”  She’d removed her right shoe and sock to show off her pedicure.  Each time a new student came in the room Mali would run over to them, and quickly removed one shoe and sock. 

We settled into our morning routine, in the business of the morning Mali was focused on our activities.  As the children returned from lunch and recess once again Mali was proudly showing off her nails.  
 At the end of the day we share our 3:00 Thankfuls. Before we head out the door at 3:07   I call on several children to share what they are thankful for today.   I write the Thankful Statement on a post-it.  Without thinking I called on Mali.  Off came her shoe…


  1. Ha! I love Mali! Kids' pride and enthusiasm can teach us adults how to live life to the fullest! :-)

  2. I would be excited about pretty purple sparkly toes too! Sounds like a fun kiddo!

  3. That is so adorable! Those toenails are all we need to know about the day! So sweet.