Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Different Kind of Beauty

Several years ago I purchased window boxes with a small inheritance from my grandmother.  As time passes I remember how much she and Grandpa loved flowers too.  As life-long farmers Grandpa and Grandma had amazing flower gardens in their suburban retirement home.  The flower beds were so stunning they often had bridal parties ask to use their yard as a setting for wedding pictures.

I enjoy the full beauty of my window boxes.  Most years I find myself selecting flowers of reds, blues, yellows and white as I wander the local greenhouse.  My south facing windows require morning and evening watering.  The north and east side boxes are less prone to dry out and I can water them once a day. 

Last summer my husband and I went to Texas to help our son and daughter in law and their family move back to Michigan.  We were gone a week in the middle of July. To make watering easier I removed all the boxes from the house and grouped them on our north facing patio.  My mother graciously agreed to drive over once each day to water the window boxes and my various containers of flowers.  By removing the boxes from the hot sun she was able to water them only once a day.  Mom also shares the love of flowers and she was happy to help.

This summer our travel plans include a mid-July business trip to Greece.  We will be away from home for 11 days.  As planting time the window boxes stayed in their storage spot in the garage.  I miss the colorful frame at the bottom of our windows.  I’ve missed selecting and planting this year’s colorful combination.  My other flowers have missed my twice a day trek around the house with a watering can.  I’ve noticed many more weeds springing up since I’m not out there to pull little weeds several times a day. 

This is the summer without flowers.  I’ve concentrated on the excitement of a wonderful trip, yet I still miss my window boxes full of blooms. Yesterday as I walked back to the house from the mailbox I looked up from the bills and thank you notes clutched in my hand.  The flower beds looked beautiful.  I’ve been missing the obvious beauty.  I still have flowers to enjoy.