Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Red is My Favorite Color

Spring has finally come.  The snow is melting, the ladybugs are awakening and my kitchen cupboards have had a cleaning!  To make the week complete, I’m home for the day with a spring cold.
 I sat down to read my Kindle with a handful of little cinnamon candies in my hand.  I slowly enjoyed the remaining candies from bag I’d found at the back of the cupboard.  Left from making applesauce they were hot and chewy.  Perfect to suck on and slowly chew to sooth my sore throat.
I laid the red orbs down beside my favorite chair, they looked so pretty on the cream table.  One hand holding my Kindle, the other flipping the pages, I slowly munched and read.  Out of the corner of my eye I’d occasionally select a candy as I flipped the page control, completely engrossed in my novel.
I reached for the smallest candy.  I’d been nibbling at the odd shaped candies returning to my childhood need for pairing candies off by size, then eating them together two by two twins.  It was a solo candy, I need to eat it first.  My aim was off; I was so into my book.  As I brought the red hot to my mouth, it moved between my fingers.  Aurgh!  A ladybug!  


  1. Yikes! You almost ate a lady bug? I bet your students will get a kick out of this story. My favorite phrase was, "red orbs". Great post!

  2. Oh my gosh! That last line took me by surprise. I'm glad you noticed before you ate the bug. I hope you feel better. This was a fun story.

  3. I knew that was coming! I love how you gave it away slowly. I also enjoyed your description of when you were little and how you paired your candy by size as you ate it. Those funny little games we play--- very nice.