Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One Black Ant

I woke up early this morning 5 am, sigh, will I ever relearn the skill of summer sleeping in?  I settled down with a book and a tall glass of Diet Coke on the floor beside me.  As I sipped toward the bottom I found a HUGE black ant floating in the glass.  I've been fighting them for weeks!  Last week I resorted to a poison.  The box says it gets taken back to the nest by the ants, and it promised the rest of the ants will die.  Following the directions I've stopped dashing across the floor to crush the big black ants in hope the poison will take care of the problem.  I guess the ants got the last laugh as this big guy attempted to POISON me!  As a writing teacher I thought about pairing this story with 2 Bad Ants by VanAllsburg!  If I live!!