Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not According to Plan

The parent letter asked for all the leprechaun traps to be sent to school on Friday or Monday, so we could capture the leprechauns that pass through the classroom during the night!
Five parents sent their child to school with traps today!  The "gold" was already hidden in other traps!  Not a wee man in sight, I was on my own!  I hide a class size pile of Rolo's in the classroom for discovery later in the day, the few remaining candies were in the closet, not that this Weight Watcher member planned to eat any. I casually walked to the closet, ignored by the throng of excited five year-olds.  I quickly put a handful in my denim jacket pocket.  As I carefully examined each new trap I'd put my hand in my jacket and take two of the gold wrapped   candies.  With a couple of papers in my left hand I'd lean over and look around the trap,  When my right hand was covered I'd drop in a couple of candies and exclaim, "oh look, you almost caught a leprechaun, he dropped his gold!."
My reward for all this excitement was 18 wildly excited children dashing around the room looking to see what other mischief the leprechaun had caused.


  1. Now this sounds like the only way to spend St. Patrick's Day! I'm so glad you made this day magical for your students, and I applaud your willpower in avoiding the Rolos. The temptation would have overcome me.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate that day with your little ones! It sounds like they made it special for you in return! Thank you for the description-- it made me smile!