Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today my Young 5's class learned a math game called Rainbow math.  The game is similar to  many kindergarten math games,  the children roll a pair of dice, add the dots and then color in the corresponding number 2-12 on part of the rainbow.   The game is a colorful excuse for my children to practice their math facts. Mid explanation,  P, a little bright girl pipes up, "Mrs. Kidder, that's not a real rainbow.  Rainbows have 7 colors, they are red,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!
Her answers always amaze me, she is thinking and applying her knowledge so quickly.  Moments later, this bright, funny little girl reaches over and pinches a child.  Why?  She doesn't know.  "Yes, she knows it hurts."  As she goes to time away to think and I console the injured classmate reflect, once again, how bright children still make impulsive choices.


  1. Little P is so true. Even grown-ups make those impulsive choices, huh?! ;)

  2. Young ones. Sometimes I really would like to hear what is going on in their minds. I just posted a story about two kindergarteners. Great post. I love your quick slices of your classroom.
    MH at