Sunday, March 25, 2012

Get Away From Me!

"Get away from me!"
Probably not words to earn me mother of the year.  But delivered to a 23 year old with a smile might at least keep me off the top ten worst moms list.
My daughter works in social services and she is in close contact with people all the time.  A  bug has been making the rounds of the staff of her office.  The symptoms include a stuffy nose, headache and NO voice.
This morning she walked into my room to announce in a whisper that she now had the bug.
The next three days I will be teaching full days and holding 43 conferences before and after school.  I'm even seeing parents during my planning period and lunch!
I can not be sick.
From a distance I made her a cup of tea and offered her Tylenol. I'll give her sympathy and comfort food, but no hugs today!


  1. Can't blame you a bit on the no hugs today! Hope she feels better quickly and that you don't catch the bug!

  2. I was on a trip once with a bunch of fifth graders who passed around the flu. How could I not hug the poor child away from her mother feeling miserable? Yes, you guessed it. I caught it, too. Next time, I should take your advice.

  3. Stay healthy and stay away from the germs. This sounds like a really busy week. There is no time for illness. Good luck!

  4. I can't blame you, but this brought a tear (and probably shed a slight drip of reality, too) as I have been holed up alone for almost a week due to "the Bug". :( I would give anything to see my mom - I actually just sent her a text that said, "Will you call me on your way home?" Apparently, even with no voice, I need to hear hers. :) I wonder if she has any desire to see me right now??? haha! Thanks for the change in perspective!

  5. If she was 3 you would have responded differently...but at 23 they just need to know you care.

  6. You opening line was an instant attention grabber. I hope your days will be healthy, energetic and full of hope as you meet with others.

  7. Oh my gosh! 43 parent conferences?!? That's a busy week! Stay away from sickness! She knows you love her, even though you aren't hugging her. :)

    Jennifer K.

  8. Wishing you a germ free week!