Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March is Many Things

 To celebrate March is Reading Month; our school has planned many activities to excite the children about reading.  Our theme this year is “Wake up and Read”.  One take-home activity, design and poster to decorate as cereal box was greeted with great excitement.   The promise of prizes made the project even more exciting.
 Last weekend I got a call from a confused ESL family.   I tried to explain the project to the father. I was struck with how perplexing the whole event must have been for these parents. On Monday the poster was turned in and hers was beautiful.  The mother said the whole family had worked together to finish it. Today the judging was held.  She won!  
 On to leprechaun traps.


  1. How great for that student. And that family. I'll bet they will feel much more a part of things now. And I want to know about Leprechaun traps

  2. Family activities enrich the student's life. Sounds like a fun one.