Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Book Grandma

I’m a displaced librarian in a kindergarten classroom.   I love where I’ve landed and I still have a deep love for special children’s books.  I also have 2 grandchildren.   I  live 1200 miles away and I want them to know me. I can't be there to babysit or take shopping so I’ve decided I’ll be the book grandma.  When I buy books for my students I often feel compelled to buy another copy for Lucy and Michael. 
Several years ago as I rushed to Amazon the day the ALA announced the Caldecott award, I got hooked by the “customers who bought this also purchased” link.   I discovered a love for the picture books of Emily Gravett.  My first love was Odd Egg, next was Wolves, my latest loves are Monkey and Me,  Again!, Dogs and most recently Wolf Won't Bite.
Today as I talked to our son I had to ask which Gravett books I’d already bought for the babies. I've already celebrated St. Patrick's Day with books, now on to Easter!


  1. Books are my absolutely favorite thing. How wonderful to share them with your grandkids!

  2. What lucky grandchildren, to have you passionate about children's books! You are not alone in your being hooked by Amazon's "customers who bought this also purchased"... it is such a great feature when you are developing a theme for a classroom....