Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grandpa Cried

My father, a farmer with a hobby of buying farm land finally got his wish.  He bought a farm with a river and a railroad, it was an abandoned railroad, but he happily owned tracks and a bridge.  As my parents prepared for retirement they built a non farm homestead on the new land.  One chilly spring day the three oldest grandsons went on a walk with their Grandfather.  The quartet of explorers set out to climb the bridge and cross to the other side of the small stream we called a river.  When the three boys began to cross the bridge a section of the track came loose.  The bridge was wobbly in the best of times but that day Brad, aided by the loose supports,  lost his balance, he began to flail and then flopped into the chilly stream of water.As the group returned to the house to find dry clothes all the boys could say, of the adventure was the amazement of seeing their grandfather cry.  Worried we pressed for more explanations, "Grandapa was laughing so hard he started to cry."


  1. I love all your descriptive words. It helped me visualize every moment!

  2. You prepared us for something to happen and then ended with a laughter. What a twist.