Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today I sent G to the "thinking spot."   Something amazing happened!  She sat and thought!  I think back to the first days of school when she hit, yelled, spit and rolled on the floor.  Today she got in trouble on the playground, but when we talked she knew what she'd done wrong!  She had to sit out for 5 minutes during play time, but she sat without screaming.  I don't think I've every been so proud of a child in "time away!"
This event makes me so happy I'm going to move up with this class.  I teach in a current full day alternate day program, but next fall we'll be all day, every day.  G is in my Young 5's section and I've been campaigning to have her and my whole class loop up with me.  Yes I'll have to add a few more students, but the ones I know will be able to set the pace for our 7 or 8 new ones. I hope since G and I have a relationship we can start strong next year and make even more progress.

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  1. It's so striking when you see that growth right in front of your eyes. How exciting to loop with your class next year!