Thursday, March 1, 2012

Writing is tougher than it sounds

After reading several posts these past few days I realize I'm not sure I ever saw myself as a writer.  As an elementary kid I had dreadful spelling and even worse handwriting.   Am I dating myself to say that when I got an electric typewriter in college writing got easier?  Yes, I knew it would.  Fast forward to my life with a laptop, today I prefer to type my thoughts.  I confess as I write in front of my kindergartners occasionally I worry I’ll revert to my timid and ashamed writing self of my elementary and middle school years.
I started my career as a Library Media Specialist. Budget cuts came along and my position disappeared.  I landed in Third grade for a year, then in High School Social Studies for a really long year!  Now I’m in my 3rd year of kindergarten. I write every day in mini lessons for my students.  I teach in an alternate day program so I often recycle my stories.  Next year we’re slated to go to an all-day every day schedule, so I’ll need to generate more original stories.  Of course my “stories” tend to be 3 or 4 sentences long. 


  1. Lori,
    This is a powerful post. I think it's important to look back at our writing lives to understand who we are (or want to be) as writers today.
    Thanks for slicing,
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  2. Wow! What a switch around grade level and subject you've had! From high school to kindergarten, and you've survived to write about it. Can't wait to read more about these kindergarten adventures.