Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Full Moon

Our alternate day schedule caused this group of kindergartners to have six days off.  It was a full moon last night and a beautiful spring day, so I expected some high spirits.  Not Vampires!  My most immature student returned from a two week vacation in Florida as he entered the room he shrieked “Grandma Mona,” and ran full tilt to hug our Foster Grandmother.  At recess two little guys practiced their body checking skills, as one hit the fence he left a sizable chunk of flesh on the fence.  I ended the day with a whole class paint project.  I have paint on my shoe, on my shirt, in a rather awkward spot and I’m not even going to mention the time I spent cleaning up.  As we packed up we had rolled up tubes rubber banded into; well I guess if you’re five they resemble horns!
As I cleaned up as best I could I got a phone call from a young friend, asking me to babysit for her FOUR children all under eight, yes, I said “yes!”

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  1. There must be an underlying passion in your for what you do--that is the only explanation for all that energy!! I love the detail about where the paint landed. You gave me a reason to chuckle!