Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not Trash Not Treasure

My students often lovingly bring me art work from home.  They know I’m pleased to see their work so I’m often gifted with papers of random words they are proud to be able to write.   I get pages pulled from coloring books and paint by number masterpieces of princesses and frequent I love Mrs. Kidder notes.  Any item I’m given is admired and hung up in the room with great ceremony.
My 1950’s style classroom has few bulletin boards or even areas I can use for display.  One wall has windows with counters below and 7 foot tall bulletin boards that reach to the ceiling.  These boards are accessible only with a step ladder. The front of the room is dominated by a Smart Board and a tall bookshelf.   I use magnets to attach student created artwork to the metal of the door jam.  When the space is totally full I remove the gifts, and the guilt begins. 
 I don’t want to toss these offerings in the trash; I know the pride and love behind these items, I can’t keep them, yet tossing them pains me.  I take them home to dispose of them.  I tell them I’ve taken them home so show Mr. Kidder.  I hope they think I’ve got them on my refrigerator, not in the trashcan next to it.  Oh the pain of love. 


  1. I understand your pain, but really? Don't beat yourself up when it becomes part of the circular file, you know more will be coming. Think recycle and you are saving the earth. Doesn't help, I know. :(

  2. They will remember the ceremony in which you received the gift and the way you made them feel. You are so thoughtful.

  3. Lori,
    I love when the kids give me something they've made, but it is hard to keep it all. I've started taking digital pictures of them and placing them in a folder for the year. I tell the kids they are so amazing I don't ever want to forget them and sometimes they actually do come in handy. I'm sure they know how much you love it.


  4. I was just thinking of what Cathy shared above. It's the same with my children's work. I would take pictures of them to treasure. You need a ditial picture frame to hold them all.