Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Change of Plans

Last night my husband moved the gas grill from winter storage in the garage to the patio. It’s spring, at least for now!   We grilled burgers last night.   As always, I went back out to take mine off later, I don’t trust anyone else to make sure it is well done.   
When we got home from church today I eagerly anticipated grilled marinated chicken breasts for our leisurely lunch. We changed our plans; an invitation to join the first golf outing of the spring was waiting on our answering machine. I’m not a golfer but I don’t begrudge his sport. No problem, we’ll have chicken later for dinner.  We’ll quickly grill hot dogs for lunch.  All plans changed when I realized I had left the grill on overnight.  No gas in the cylinder, and no one but myself to blame.


  1. Thank God the gas just ran out! I am always fearful of the tank exploding (probably too many action movies in my youth are to blame).

  2. Just when you get your taste buds ready for the grill, the gas runs out. Boo hoo! I uncovered the grill last night too. Spring is coming and I am ready!