Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sweet Tooth

I’ve never been too particular.  It’s got to have caramel, and nuts and maybe some chocolate.  It could be on ice cream or in something with lots of sugar.  I thought I’d found my perfect desert.  We were having friends over, the perfect excuse to bake.  And the safety net of knowing I wouldn’t have the temptation around the house for days after. 
On a Saturday night with a clean house and time on my hands I tried to replicate the desert I’d tried at a gathering of friends weeks earlier.  Melted butter, brown sugar, coconut and nuts.  Yum!  As the desert cooled on the counter the parchment paper made the removal from the pan effortless.  The chef’s knife made it easy to cut the confection into squares and then triangles.  Good thing I used the parchment paper.  A bubble of caramel, coconut and nuts was stuck to the corner of the jelly roll pan.  My thumb nail released the bubble and I popped it in my mouth.  I savored the chewy caramel and coconut. 
On a Monday morning, with two days before my sick leave is over I said.  “I’m not too particular of who I see or when I get in.” 

“No, I’m not in pain, but I’m going back to work after being off for two months.  I really need to come in today or tomorrow.  Dr. T. did the crown, but I’ll be happy to see any of the partners.   


  1. Ouch! That one bite was a killer. I hope you were able to get into get that crown put back on. Dessert sounded great, until the uh-oh moment.

  2. I've got a sweet tooth too, but I'm not a fan of the dentist...ouch!