Tuesday, March 29, 2016


For the past 4 years my class has watched the Eagles of Dekorah Iowa.  Well, one year the birds choose a different nest and there wasn’t a camera on the new nest, but I tried.  We check out the nest before the eggs are laid, and then when the first egg is laid we begin the 35 day countdown.  Our spring break starts on Thursday, I was really hoping for a timely hatch.  Yesterday there were signs the first egg would hatch soon.  This morning we checked the nest cam before I even took attendance.  The Smartboard on, all the lights were off when suddenly we saw those fluffy feathers as the parent moved the other two eggs. 
Squeals of joy!   Loud yells of it’s a chick! And of course multiple hugs to celebrate followed.  In a month or so we’ll make a class book about the eagles, a great way to combine science and writing.  Here’s to another hatch on Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. How awesome to watch eagles in their natural habitat. I've been watching a couple of nests on explore.org. Totally mesmerizing!