Saturday, March 12, 2016


      Weddings have lots of checklist.  This week our daughter and her fiancé checked off a number of them.  The Save the Date cards arrived on Monday.  Yesterday we started out by celebrating her fiancé’s birthday dinner.  Over delicious food and with our growing family it was a feast for the soul.  And with Amy’s suggestions I was able to give a perfect gift.  Whew!
     This morning’s breakfast was a cake tasting.  I missed out tasting, but their favorites were packed up for us to try.  Delicious!  A friend of our daughter in law is coming out of retirement to bake them at such a reasonable rate.   
       At lunch we sampled the many offerings of the caterer, good food and in budget and the date was available.  Whew!  A deposit make it official.

      Mid-afternoon found five of us at the bridal salon.  It was fun to see the girls help Amy determine what her style was, and to see if the real dress looked like she wanted.  After eight or so dresses, the perfect one was found.  The order has been placed and it will arrive in late June.  This long distance wedding planning is easier than we'd feared.
      As we said good bye this evening they were sharing some of the things they've really appreciated in their premarital counseling.  It fun to see them lay the framework for a good marriage as they plan their wedding.


  1. What a lovely and love-filled day you had. I love how you began with a checklist style.