Friday, March 18, 2016

Science for the Littles

Last summer I attended a science seminar for primary elementary teachers.  I resolved to improve my student’s experiences in science this year.  The Institute where the seminar was held told us it offered free science programs for any school in the county,  I only needed to obtain funds for the buses.  I decided to dream big and I wrote a grant for four visits.  My grant was fully funded!   The first visit was in early November, the day before my lumpectomy.  Others thought I was crazy to take a field trip that day.   It was beautiful fall day and my student’s joy at experiencing the outdoors as we gathered items using our five senses was delightful. 
We had planned to visit during the winter, child sized snow shoes and sliding were the plan.   Radiation and recovery time changed that plan.  We really didn’t miss much, we didn’t have enough snow cover to enjoy either activity, except for our blizzards, and then we couldn’t have gotten there anyway.
I’ve now been back in the classroom for 5 weeks.  Today our second visit happened.  We got to learn about worms and next week the director is delivering a classroom sized worm composer to our classroom.  The class also got to learn about birds, and this weekend I’ll be attaching the bird feeder she gave us to the window. 

It all started with me looking for some continuing education credits!

Looking forward to two more visits!


  1. What a nice way to celebrate life. Good luck with your treatment. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That is amazing! Way to go developing a love of science in your little learners. I hope your recover is going well right now. I'll pray for you. :)