Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I’m saddened by yet another terror attack in Europe.  Our summer plans had included Istanbul, but in January after an attack in a spot where we’d planned to visit, we’re no longer visiting Turkey.  A trip that includes several large European cities just doesn’t sound fun.

I know many of these destinations really depend on tourists.  I know not going gives the terrorists the win.  But today I can’t get the news reports and the crying voices out of my mind.  Tonight so many people are in pain and grief.


  1. I know. The worst part is I truly feel myself becoming numb to it. I sat eating lunch today in a restaurant with the horrible news footage showing and none of us at lunch seemed to pay it any mind. Another day, another terrorist attack, another group of people killed or permanently without limbs. We all just ate lunch with it as background noise. Awful.

  2. It is so painful and sad. I don't know what to think anymore. Simply - let's pray.

  3. Yes, let's pray. Let's pause to listen to the reports and pray. Let's live our normal lives as those killed and wounded were doing. We cannot stop living. And we can pray.