Wednesday, March 9, 2016

But What About The Others?

Today I took the day off and went to my granddaughter's kindergarten Grandfriend day.  I applaud the name choice, which made it clear other people were welcome besides grandparents. When I walked in the room Lucy's happy call of "Grandma!" made the sub plans worth while.   It was a delightful 45 minutes.  Each child had made a bookmark with a picture for their guest.  We worked together to make a book about kindergarten now and then.  The activity was short and meaningful to both generations.  We took a picture together and had a delicious cookie with, as Lucy pointed out, very pretty napkins.
The day was lovely.  I loved seeing that often quoted woman.  The classroom was full of wonderful projects and organization.  We even celebrated with the first ice cream cone of the year after school.
So why do I feel sad?  
Several children didn't have a grand, or a friend.  One little guy was at Lucy's table.  When I realized he didn't have anyone I did my teacher best to make sure he had a good experience.  The other little guy at the table without an adult went off with someone else. I know the teacher had a back up for those children.  But no matter how kind I may have tried to be, I was not someone special to him.
I don't know why the little guys didn't have anyone special there for them today, but I know their lack of a companion sure made the day a little less joyous for me.


  1. How sweet of you to enjoy your time with your granddaughter and reach out to those who didn't have someone there for them. I think this little guy probably went home feeling lucky you helped him out.

  2. By reaching out, you made the day of that little friend very special. I know how you feel with this kind of situations. It does break my heart too! But I am pretty sure the time you spent with your little one is very memorable.