Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Squirrels Bring Birds-- Who Knew?

On a beautiful winter day the birds at the feeder are complements of a squirrel.

  Wayne’s mom is nearly ninety two.  While she is frail, she’s still very alert.  When she said she saw a squirrel in her house I wondered if she was losing it. First it was in the evenings, then during the day.  Julie, her house-cleaner had seen it too.  OK, she’s still alert, I confess I had my doubts for a moment. 

  We set traps.  First a small live trap, then big rat traps.  While the squirrel seems grateful for the addition of peanut butter to its diet, we were unable to catch it.  Except for the clean traps there really isn’t any sign of the varmint. But Julie had confirmed the sighting. 

Need a solution to a strange situation?  Google the problem!  One suggestion, confirmed effective by friends who’ve been overrun by squirrels seemed less nasty than most ideas.  We placed bird seed in a five gallon pail.  The seed floated on the top of water.  Then a ramp was place up pail.   Rocky was intended to  tumble into the pail and the adventure would be brought to a close. 
The bucket didn’t work,  The wet seed was discarded.
The squirrel hasn’t been sighted in several weeks.  We’ve returned the borrowed live trap, retired the rat traps and started to feed the birds with the remainder of the seed.  
We’re not sure how the squirrel got in, or out for that matter.  We’re just glad he’s gone, and that it was confirmed by someone outside the family.  
The birds feeding outside my window in a late winter snow storm are an added bonus.
Image result for images feeding birds in snow storm

no, that's not my feeder, THANKS Google images.

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