Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leprechaun Fun

“This was the best day ever!” grinned one of my 5 year olds.  All it took was a couple of bags of gold wrapped candy and a note printed on green paper.
My note asked the parents and children to have fun and build a leprechaun trap.  I asked for them to be sent to school on or before the 16th.   Twelve were made and delivered.  Most were clearly the work of the children, but others showed the family had worked together. The morning started out with huge excitement.  Each trap had two candies the leprechaun dropped as he checked out the traps.   One girl brought her trap in this morning, it took a little diversion to put candies in the late arriving trap!  Despite our lack of success in catching a leprechaun we were successful in finding his hat and his gold.  He dropped a large amount in two different places in the room.  The larger piles we agreed we’d all share evenly. 
When we returned from music class the door was locked and several boxes of math manipulatives were spilled.  The leprechaun left a note of apology and left a shamrock treat on green napkins.  Again we found some more gold wrapped candy. 
By the time we got to writing time everyone had an exciting story to write. 

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  1. Your post reminded me of all the fun I use to have with my students and those sneaky Leprechauns!