Sunday, March 10, 2013

Truck Chicken Duck

Our second car is a pickup truck. My husband loves to be able to transport lawnmowers, snow blowers and other large items when needed.  Our current pickup is growing old, and not gracefully.  The last time we did some repairs we promised ourselves we wouldn’t put any more money into the aged vehicle.  Today we saw a used truck for sale.  We were on the way to church, with my encouragement my husband called and asked to see it this evening.  The seller is a farmer.  She raises beef, pork, lamb, eggs and poultry to sell at farmer’s markets. 
As we pulled into the gravel drive I began to remember the parts of living on a farm I didn’t enjoy.  Our white car sunk down into the newly thawed soil.  I heard the squish of mud and hoped that the  chickens and ducks wandering the yard hadn’t deposited anything else there for me to step upon.
As my husband looked over the truck and talked to the seller I listened to the geese and marveled at the noise a gaggle of geese makes.   As we rode in the bright red truck I noticed while the interior was very clean the farm dog must have ridden in the truck at some point.  I think that pup was wet when it got a ride.
We’re going to have a mechanic look over the truck before making an offer.  If we buy it I’ll be taking a long stroll down memory lane, I haven’t driven a standard transmission in years.  I sure hope that skill comes back quickly. 

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  1. I'm sure driving stick shift will come back quickly, I loved the description of the farm with all of your senses.