Sunday, March 17, 2013


Monday, he didn't have shoes.  By some stroke of luck a pair of used shoes had showed up in my classroom over the holidays,  he wore them for the day. As we got ready for lunch he discovered he didn't have gloves, so I loaned him mine as I dried his eyes.  On Tuesday someone else had forgotten her shoes, she wore the spare pair,  I once again dried his tears and I bent the rules: I let him spend the day in his socks.  He told me he had lost his gloves but he had his mom's gloves, no loaners necessary.  He gave me a grin and said,"I'm supposed to be really careful with these! When he put his hands in his coat pocket we was delighted to find his gloves were in the pocket!  Joy! We happily walked to lunch
On Wednesday he entered the classroom and proudly called out, "I  got my shoes and my gloves today!"  I cheered.  At lunch we walked to the lunchroom and chatted about how great it was that he remembered his shoes and his gloves!  He was so relieved!
  As we entered the classroom after recess, I found his lunch card.  Forgotten on then sand table.  How did it get there?
Thursday his lunch card was lost in the classroom again!  Today as we lined up ready I checked, yes- he had his card, boots and gloves--and tears!
 Has anyone seen Aaron's hat?
It was nowhere to be found!  I found a loaner--that one he can keep!
Spring can't get here quickly enough!

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