Monday, March 11, 2013

My How This Day Flu!

I started out my day with 3 children absent.  At 9:30, Scott began to cry that his tummy hurt.  Dad came in, declared “he’s fine.”  At 10:40, lunch time, (don’t get me started on that).  The next one got sick before he even ate his  lunch.  While my class was at a special I got sick, but of course there are no subs.  At 1:00 an unidentified student got sick in the restroom.  No one would admit it was them.  So I have a carrier wandering the room.  At 2:00, twin brother of one at home got sick.  At 2:30 Scott threw up in the hall.
At the end of the day, my principal said, “You don’t have to stay for the school improvement meeting.” 
I smiled and thought, if I do I’ll sit next to you!
Yes, I’m taking tomorrow off.  And I worked one and a half hours getting plans ready. 


  1. Oh, that was an incredible day!
    And let's talk about that 10:40 lunch...
    "That's the only time we could schedule you. I know they just finished breakfast. But that is the ONLY time we could schedule you."
    Oh, yes, and there's nothing like making sub plans when you are sick! This is really about the only job that requires you to work harder if you are sick!
    Enjoy your sick day, though! Curl up and read - right after you do your plans for the next day...

  2. Yuck :( Today was my first day back after being gone for three days. I am not totally well but well enough that just coming back was easier than making sub. plans. This is hard to explain to family. Rest and hope you feel better.

  3. I like your 'unidentified student got sick in the restroom'...of course, no one will admit...but thoughts of Scott came to mind...until you said he got sick later. I hope you feel better soon...and yes, curl up with a good book. Jackie

  4. Only in the life of a teacher. Please tell me you didn't have to give a standardized test today.

  5. Oh my goodness. Today was NOT a good day for you. Now that the plans are done, I hope you can rest and enjoy tomorrow.

  6. Oh, my! If a child got sick, doesn't he/she automatically have to go home? No matter what Dad says? What a horrible day. I am stunned that you were able to "throw" something together for this slice. (Sorry about that pun.)