Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tow Truck

“Wish me luck” he said as he once again pulled on his heavy work coat and pants.  “Have the checkbook ready” came over his shoulder as he shut the door.
We had heavy winds last night and a limb had fallen in our yard.  He’d wrestled it into the truck as I started lunch.  The golf course, now being converted to a corn field had a huge pile of brush so it was easy to toss the limb on the pile. 
Curiosity buried the truck, up to its wheels.  For the past 30 years he’s played at least 4 times a week all summer long.  He loved those 27 holes of green, the river, trees and sand traps.  Now it’s all been torn out to become a corn field, just as it had been 50 years ago.  We’ve watched the bulldozers create huge piles of brush and trimmings after the loggers harvested the tall trees.  After he left the log on the fire he drove down by the river to see all the changes, to say goodbye to summer fun and memories.
Our winter had been very mild and the ground wasn’t frozen.  He walked back to get a shovel and wheelbarrow.  A second trek back to the mud even with much shoveling was not successful.  As I served a late lunch he called the tow truck.  The tow truck gave him a ride down the hill to his truck.
As he rode away, I let loose the laugh I’d swallowed at lunch as his frustrated sigh, “There wasn’t really anything to see down there anyway.


  1. Curiosity buried the truck, that phrase had me reading and rereading your tale of the day. That is a perfect phrase for the situation and I commend you for holding in the laughter. :-)

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