Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Dinner

About 8 years ago we bought a new stove.  It has five burners, including a simmer burner, and a power burner.  It also has a largely unused warming drawer. The one of the feature we really wanted was the delay cook function.   We’d used the delay on our old oven to enjoy a meal that ready when we got home from church or from work.   In the past years we’ve been unsuccessful in using the delay, but today anticipating our daughter joining us for dinner after church I decided to attempt it again.
With my husband’s help we located the model number; our user’s manual has long ago disappeared, probably tossed out the Sunday papers the last time we attempted this.  To find the model number we had to pull the stove out away from the wall and surrounding counters.  That made me need to sweep the mess that had been landed there since my last serious attempt at a clean kitchen.  Wayne recorded the identifying number and looked it up on line.  (See we really have some technical abilities!) We set it.  The oven started to heat up.  We turned it off.  He rechecked the instructions.  We set it again.  I put the dish in the oven.  I even set some rolls on the stove top to rise for a nice Sunday dinner. 
After church I drove home alone so I could put the rolls in the oven.  Wayne and Amy followed in her car about fifteen minutes behind me.  I got a call about three minutes away from home.  “Did it work?”  “Or do I have to pick up subs?” 
“I’ll let you know.”  As I entered the house I sniffed hoping to smell the wonderful chicken dish we all enjoy. 
“I’ll have a ham and cheese, hold the tomato.”
All is not lost.  The chicken was frozen when I put it in the oven.  We’re going to cook later today.  Wayne wants to try it on delay setting again, while we’re home to see if it actually comes on.  At least it gave me time to write my slice of life while they went to Mancino’s.  Unfortunately Amy isn’t getting the home cooked meal she was hoping for.


  1. Oh boy, your line when you order your sandwich is a shoulder lowering moment. Bummer. Hope it works out for you later.

  2. I completely identify with the ownership of devices that are capable of much more than I ever utilize them for. I think I have the same stove. And I don't even know what it CAN do, much less HOW to do it. At least it made for a good story, if not a good dinner!

  3. I hope the subs were good. Trying it while you are home is a good idea. I could never handle a stove that high tech. My motto is that I must be smarter than the appliance. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was just thinking about how my phone is smarter than me! Sometimes devices that are suppose to make life easier just make it more complicated! Good luck, I know you will get it set correctly!

  5. Lori,
    I haven't used the delayed timer on my oven in quite some time. I can never remember how to use it. I'm glad your chicken isn't lost, but I'm sure you were disappointed. I had been hopeful your story was going to have a happy ending, but subs aren't bad --- and spending time with our daughters brightens any day.


  6. Loved that you used your found time to write your slice of life! Here's hoping the delay function works next time. Cute story!

  7. Absolutely love this I can totally identify. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get the delay function working:-)