Friday, March 15, 2013

The Game

Our second lock-down drill of the year sort of suck up on me.  I had thought about the discussion I needed to have with my 5 year olds, but yesterday it was time to talk.  I carefully reminded them of how we practice leaving our school in fire drills.  We recalled we don’t think there will be a fire but we need to know how to leave, just in case we had a fire.  Then we recalled how we practiced for our tornado drill.  We even have a special way of sitting for that one!   Oh yes, “drill  means to practice how we do something quickly,” finally we talked about how we had our special hiding drill if someone who wasn’t supposed to come in our school came to our school.  Important, but not scary was my objective.
The lockdown was scheduled for just before ten, right after we finished our DIBLES testing and our district writing prompt.   The prompt wasn’t due until Friday, but we’ve had 6 or more kids out most days, and today I only had 4 gone; and  big snow was in the forecast.
 We did a quick practice.  Go quietly to our hiding place; sit quietly while teacher does a few extra things to keep us safe.  Wow!  Who knew how quiet and fast five year olds could move!
When the official drill started the kids did just as we’d practiced.  We even heard the principal walking down the hall and checking to see if we were all hiding safely.  The all clear came and we went back to our daily routine. 
After lunch, story and gym class we had our playtime.  While the children were playing one little guy came up to me, I expected him to request one of the toys stored out of reach.  The room was full of chatter and the wonderful sounds of play.  I couldn’t understand what he asked me the first time, so I leaned closer to hear his request.  “Can we play the ‘dail’ game?
 Yup, that’s what I thought he said the first time.   “what game is that?”, I asked my eyes scanning the games.  “You dnow,” he said, “the dame where we all hide and you lock the door!” 
“Oh!  That game!”
  “Yeah, the one where we pretend there’s a bad guy in the school!” “ It’s fun when we all play!” 
Shaking my head I smiled, “Maybe another day!”  I sure hope not!

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