Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reading Rodeo

Today we had a half day of school and our wrap up event for March is Reading Month.  Our theme for the month was Reading Rodeo.  We had many volunteers, and donations from the community, the entire school was able to go to a local riding arena where our students got to milk a goat, see and touch a steer and try on all the equipment of a bronco rider.  We even got to meet some bronco riders.  We also had a snack and milk, got to see a saddle and pet some horses.  The event also included learning to throw a lasso, and practicing on several roping dummies and a barrel race on stick ponies. 

Because it was a half day of school the field trip form clearly stated no lunch was necessary.  Ally came with a lunch.  I quickly called her dad to confirm that today was a half day of school, and he should plan on 11:55 dismissal. Early dismissal days are often confusing and I didn’t want her sitting in the office with the poor school secretary all afternoon.  I told her Dad I’d put her lunch back in her backpack so she could enjoy it at home if he wanted.  Dad insisted the form said she needed a lunch.  I replied “The top sheet explained, we had a half day, I just wanted to make sure you planned to pick her up at our early dismissal time.”  “But the paper said she needed a lunch.”    I wasn’t willing to engage in an argument over it, “We’ll see you at 11:55,” I tried to finish the conversation.   “But the paper said she needed a lunch.”  I interrupted him “So you’re planning to pick her up.  Great!  We’ll see you then.”

As I unpacked Ally’s folder, I found the Title One survey we’d sent home at conferences.  As I scanned his survey   I noticed some of his comments were about wanting better communication with the school.  Hmmm, maybe if he’d read his communications?

At the end of the day I pulled out Ally’s signed permission slip, I highlighted the spots stating no lunch was needed.  Then I left it on the table.  I don’t need to win this argument, but if he brings it up again, I’ll have my proof in hand.


  1. Wow! I love your Reading rodeo idea. And you were wise not to argue. Been there.

  2. I agree, letting it go was a good decision. Not always easy but not worth engaging in either. Your reading celebrations sound great!

  3. Wow - that reading rodeo sounds like such an amazing day for the kids! Very cool.