Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thinking Green

Yesterday  my Young 5's class graphed if they liked, disliked or had never tried green peppers.  Seven liked them the other 14 had never tried green peppers.  After a discussion when I assured them they weren’t hot and other concerns,  I passed out small pieces of peppers to all the children.  As the children tried the small piece most decided they like them and quickly ate the rest of the peppers I’d cut up.  We created another graph of our results.
A little later we used part of the green peppers to make prints with green paint.  We made  shamrock prints.  It was a fun experience for the children.  I confess I don’t love paint projects.  I worry about clothing getting ruined and angry parents.  I very much want my students to explore and create their own projects, yet I’m always concerned of what might go awry.  I’ve found a good way to handle this.  I sit on the opposite side of the table.  Close enough to intervene if a big catastrophe is looming but far enough to force myself to sit on my hands and let them create.


  1. I'm curious about the results of your second graph. What a great lesson...trying things. Reminds me of Green Eggs and Ham. I love that you sat on your hands!

  2. Five year olds are so amazing! Love their willingness to jump right in and try new things! I was afraid you were going to say a lot of them didn't like green peppers, how great that the opposite proved true. And when I taught first grade, I loved having the kids create, but there were often painting catastrophes. I made paint shirts out of black garbage bags and clothespins!

  3. How cute! Getting five year olds to try green peppers. Awesome!