Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ranger Rick jr.

This week I saw a photo of Lucy, my granddaughter getting ready to have her new Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine read to her.  I knew the copy I ordered for my classroom would soon be in my mailbox. 
One of the comments on the picture was our daughter saying she loved the magazine when she was little. 
One of my favorite memories of the magazine was the summer day the kids sat down on the couch with me to enjoy the magazine.  As we opened the magazine, a bright yellow bird, the same one that was featured on the cover, landed on the windowsill in front of us.  We read the article and enjoyed wondering what the bird thought about watching us read about him.
This month's cover is a zebra.  I look forward to sharing it with my class this week. 


  1. Ranger Rick is a great children's magazine. I think we may have some thirty year old copies around from the years my children enjoyed it!

  2. We loved Ranger Rick. My kids loved cutting out the pictures with Grandma to make fun magnetic photo books of their own.