Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Little Light

Several years ago at Christmas as a throw in and a joke I bought a clip on LED flash light for my husband’s .  It seemed ridiculous and I fully expected him to return it after Christmas.  When he pulled it from the stocking we all had a good laugh, but the joke has been on me more than once.  The gift I saw as a joke has been very helpful, just what he needs as he works in a dark garage or basement.   Today as he headed out to the garage to repair the broken support so the door would be automatic again, he clipped on the light and had both hands to hold and reattach the broken support.
As he left the house to go out to the hardware store he confided he’s always afraid he’ll forget he’s wearing the light on his baseball cap.  The day he does, the laugh will finally be on him.


  1. Sometimes the smallest things are the most helpful, right? It's always amazing how hard it is to go without modern conveniences, like electric garage door openers. Thank goodness he could fix it... with the help of the little flashlight.

  2. I love that this joke gift ended up being a useful one. It will be funny the day he does forget about it and goes to the hardware store with the light on his head. I bet it wouldn't be the first time they saw someone do that though.