Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lost and Found

Our PTO had shirts made for us during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Everyone got a shirt, in their favorite color.  Mine is fire engine red.  The cute design has a Superman shield and reads I Teach.  What’s Your Superpower?  Always willing to do anything that requires jeans, we all agreed to wear our shirts tomorrow. 
My husband and I left last Monday on a business trip to Hawaii.  I knew I’d done all the laundry before we left, but as I looked for my shirt tonight it was nowhere to be found.  I hang all my cotton shirts to dry, so my first search was in my closet.  The search widened as it remained missing. 
We traveled all day yesterday.  I want to go to bed!  But that blasted shirt is missing.  I gathered up the dirty clothes from our suitcases.  Before I started the washing machine I hopefully checked the laundry room, still no shirt.  As I started my first load of laundry I resumed my search where I’d begun, in my closet.  Moving hangers I realized my bright red shirt was there all along, but I’d washed it inside out and it hung there in front of me.

I’ll happily wear my shirt and jeans tomorrow.  The rest of the laundry can wait until tomorrow.  Or maybe this weekend.


  1. My staff wears certain team t-shirts on Mondays and Fridays. While it's nice to be a "unified" team, it stresses me out to no end to make sure the right t-shirt is clean on the appropriate day.

  2. Yup, anything to wear jeans! However these shirts sound very cute so enjoy it, as you do have superpowers.

  3. Glad your shirt found you! It must have been fairly screaming at you as you overlooked it! I hate when what I am looking for is right there staring me in the face.