Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Its a Sign!

 She has given me a gifts several times a week.  Her presents are always homemade and lovingly painted or colored and often glued. This girl loves to craft.  Today she came in late, before she put anything away she delivered the gift.
As the class looked on she presented me with a wooden item.   I looked carefully, but I had no idea what it was.  I could see the outline of letters, but I didn’t know what it said.  As I complemented the gift I noted the painting and commented on the beautiful colors she’d used.  Stalling I asked if she had used paint like we had in school or a different kind of paint.  I continued to admire it, “tell me about how you made this,” I admit I was fishing for clues. 

 “My dad has a friend, his name is Bernie.” Now I understand!  The item is the chunk of wood the letters were cut from.  The letters were cut as all one piece; I was holding the negative space.  Thanking her again I asked where we should display the piece.  She chose above the Morning Message and skipped off to hang up her backpack.


  1. Perfection. Those kiddos we get to interact with and love every day just make everything better. Enjoy your new gift ;)

  2. You got to see as a child today. One of the blessings of being a teacher; it helps keep us young!