Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cookies and Ice Cream

Today as I focused on doing assessments during my Young 5’s play time several learning games items turned into play items.  My students found uses for items that I didn’t dream.  As clean- up time came a box of plastic alphabet cookies sat empty, the plastic cookie shapes were missing.  I asked? “Who got out the ABC cookies?”  Maddie admitted she’d got them out, from behind where I was sitting.  How did that happen without me noticing? 
“Where did you play with them?” I asked
“In housekeeping.”
I looked at the assortment of items left to be put away, no sign of the game pieces.
“Look in the cupboards; we need to put them where they belong.”
Several eager children joined in the search.  As the process continued Legos, Magnatiles, the farm and the play dough were all put away.  The room was returning to order. I returned to ask.  “Did anyone find the cookies?”  Still missing.
By this time I was feeling frustrated.  I invest a lot of my personal money into learning games and I don’t want them to get lost.  I asked in a firm voice of the whole class, “does anyone know where the ABC cookies are?”  From the clatter of putting the big wooden blocks away I hear a small voice. “I think they might be in the vanilla ice cream.” 
A child went to the empty carton I’d washed and saved months ago.  I was planning on using it to create an ice cream store.  When I set up the store I know the menu will include cookies.


  1. You know this sounds so familiar as my first graders do things like this. :) It is rather charming to read about but is not quite that way when I am the one looking for lost supplies!

  2. Too cute! They keep us guessing, don't they?