Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Unexpected Phone Call

An early morning phone call for most  people would bring concern.  For me the call brought delight.  Today, we had our fourth day off in three weeks.  To make it even more relaxing, this weekend we have Friday and Monday off for our mid-winter break.  I can almost feel my blood pressure subsiding as I take the time to do things I’ve put off. 
I admit to regretting not having my students make their Valentine’s card holders earlier, but we’ll get it done.
 I had a delightful day of making soup stock, cleaning the fridge and the joy of listening to some of our son's sermons on line.  I even squeezed in a trip to work to set up a new system for my small reading groups.   I had the time to call the endodontist and pay a bill--before it was even sent!  I even had time to smile at the parents grumbling on Facebook about our school cancellation.  
I didn’t take time, or courage to comment on that!


  1. A gift of a day! I know that is a lovely feeling for us teachers! Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

  2. What a productive snow day! I left yesterday before I got the phone call, so arrived at school just to find out; not students!

  3. Snow days can be a blessing when the pressures of life start to overwhelm. It sounds like you used your time wisely.
    Glad the book suggestion helped.

  4. I'm kind of jealous! We haven't had a snow day in TWO YEARS! I'm glad you used yours to relax!