Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year--New Rules

In a week full of  unusually sunny winter Michigan days our room began to look like a disco.  When the sun was pouring in the window the room sparkled. Many of my students were proudly wearing their new clothes they got for Christmas.  The girls were glittery and shiny with spangles and rhinestones.  One girl even had silver sequins on her boots!
 We'd been back from vacation for a couple of days when I noticed some inattentiveness and odd movements among my 5 year olds.  I observed and learned they were pulling the sequins and shiny stones off their new clothes to give to friends.    I was starting to see hurt feelings and knew the parents wouldn't be thrilled with their destruction of their new outfits. Phone calls were sure to follow!
At Morning Meeting the next day I was amused to hear myself declare, "if you find or are given a  shiny piece of someone's clothes you must give it to me."  I added, "I will put it in my pocket and throw it away."  Back in September when we'd created our rules I hadn't seen this coming, but the new rule shut down the trafficking in glitter. 
Parental phone calls were averted.


  1. Sunshine and sequins, sounds like a very productive atmosphere!
    I love your new rule.

  2. Don't you just love all the unexpected rules that we end up making in order to teach:-)

  3. As a high school teacher, this isn't a situation I would think about encountering....but never say never. Once in awhile, this could happen even in high school!

  4. Oh, noooo - glitter! I'm so glad they wanted to share, but yikes, what a mess.

  5. I've had my own students do this. It reminded me of The Rainbow Fish book!