Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Line Leader

Line leader
In my kindergarten classroom I only have one job.  Line Leader!  My students get the glorious privilege of leading the line, holding the flag at pledge, starting the greeting at Morning Meeting and turning the lights on and off when we use the Smart Board. Oh yes, they also get to select the pointer that I will use all day. 
My children only get this glorious honor about 6 times a year.  It amazes me how often my Line Leader has a really rotten day.  Not because they don’t enjoy the prestige, but because they are amazingly naughty!  Today was a good case in point.  O was the leader, and I was nearly ready to put him in a police lineup!  Rude, uncooperative, and just plain defiant.  Why?  I guess I need to think about this a little more. 


  1. I think "line leader" translates to "Powerful One" in their little heads sometimes! I remember one of our current 3rd graders in K. He had no language, but managed to push, shove and take the line leader spot every day. Oh boy.

  2. I think it is great to spread the jobs around. I like like line leaders and line enders. But my favorite jobs of all are the Expert cleaners !

  3. Too much power in one sweet being? I wish you had shared the line leader's antics...in the moment, it is always awful...but, oh, so funny, that evening upon reflection. What is that line - comedy is tragedy plus time?

    I have created a variety of jobs in my preschool classroom...children work them in pairs; every day, each child has a job...and every day, someone - at least one - decides to act up!