Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No Postage Required

 The mail was still in the box when I returned home tonight.  My husband is volunteering and he won’t be home until late.  I really don’t think there’s anything worthwhile in the mail.  Our bills come electronically, so do messages.  We subscribe to the local newspaper, but except for Sunday the paper is almost all ads, not much news.
Tonight’s weather just like the past two weeks, cold, snowy and a fierce wind is blowing.  It feels like a good night to just forget about the outside world.   I know no matter how late he gets home my husband will traipse out to the mailbox. 
I remind myself that Wayne always keeps the driveway, sidewalks and path to the mailbox clear.  I don’t have the usual excuse about making dinner.  Tonight I’m eating leftovers, alone.  No need to get my coat and boots on, I still have them on from school.  He’s made a path, Oh, Lori, just go get the mail.
Half way down the path I decide I should zip my coat.  I discover that the wind is causing drifting.  That path isn't very clear.  As I cross the ditch my foot slipped.   The snowplow has put some barriers in my way.  The pile is deeper than it looks!  The snow is loosely packed. I catch myself as I start to fall.  Oh isn't that a great picture! Overweight Arthritic Woman is Rescued From Snowdrift.  I can just see the headlines now!  You’re almost there, keep going!  I wait for cars to pass.  When the traffic finally clears, I grab The Press, and the mail.  I carefully step in my footprints as I retrace my steps. 
Returning to the house I chuckle at the size of the newspaper, my college newspaper used to be bigger than this!  A fundraising appeal and a pizza ad addressed to Resident were the only things in the mail.  I knew there wasn't any real reason to get the mail, except the love that small tasks can show. 
Oh, there was one more thing in the mailbox, a Slice of Life.


  1. Such a cute post! I love the idea that story ideas could be hiding out anywhere - even in the mailbox on a snowy night.

  2. Ha! I read this with such trepidation! What a harrowing journey! And, look at that, you found a Slice!

  3. I can relate! The other day it didn't get above 10 degrees and it was all I could do to get the mail .. and of course, it was all just junk mail! Luckily you did not end up in the headlines .. although I liked your headline!

  4. Love the way you emphasized that a slice of life is just that - a slice of something that happened. I can picture your experience and I can't wait for the snow to just go away either. :-)