Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Year

At the end of the last school year I was told my pre-kindergarten class had been eliminated and I would be moving to third grade at another school.  That change did not happen.  I’m still in my same room and I’m back at the same Pre-Primary grade I’ve been in for the past four years. 
Even without the changes I’d been expecting this year started out crazy.  A new principal, late arriving and ever changing class lists, a new student on day two and another new one on day three, all made for a chaotic month.  I spent four days in August in math training and another two screening late registering families.  I also had hand surgery and catered a meal for my husband’s boss.  I’m now in week four of school and I need a vacation!
Last year’s class was the most challenging group I’ve ever had.  Several retired teachers assured me that a really tough class is always followed by the best group ever.  They were right.  While this group has academic challenges including two cognitively impaired children and a child who doesn’t speak, I’m relieved to say this class hasn’t stolen, there has been no destruction school property and we are missing the drama of two oppositional defiant children playing off each other, the class and the teacher.
As I watch last year’s group travel down the hall I just smile and thank God they’re heading for the classroom down the hall.


  1. Glad this class is an easier temperament. The beginning is always full of changes, but it sounds like yours had more than most.

  2. Simply, wow! ". . . this year started out crazy." - does seem to be an apt description. Love how you are able to find the positives in the craziness! :-)

  3. My goodness, you had a handful lat year...glad they're walking down the hall and somewhere else this year!

  4. So glad you have a better group this year, even though you had a bit of a crazy beginning. Two new students - that's a lot of new to deal with in the first week of school. Just reading about your August activities made me tired. Find some time to rest and recharge (easier said than done, I know).

  5. Glad to hear you have an easier class this year - those difficult ones do make for a very looong year!