Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Cleaning Problem

"I put soap in the dishwasher," my husband commented as I made beef strogronoff for our dinner.
"And the extra soap things are in the new box of Cascade," he innocently added. I appreciate his help in the little things in the kitchen.  But wait! Last night was trash night. 
I gasped, "You didn't throw out the container" did you?"
 "Not out by the road?" 
He shook his head.  
"Where is it? I grumbled.  I didn't sound at all grateful for his help.
"Right here in the trash," he replied as he dug through the kitchen trash can to find it. 
I sighed in relief.  "Thanks, I saw something really cool on Pinterest and I really want to make it" 
It's a true testament to our marriage and his understanding of my job, he just nodded and started to wash and dry the plastic box.
I'd pinned it months ago, days after  discarding a green topped container.  I've wanted to make that crocodile all summer and I was so afraid I'd have to wait another 90 dish washing cycles to try it.
This little circle time activity is made with a container from Cascade  Action Pacs Dishwasher Soap. At circle time, say the following verse:  Crocodile, crocodile down by lake,  Im going to reach right in and see what (letter) you ate. Have the child reach into the crocodiles mouth and pull out a card. (To change this for 1st grade- I will use sight words or math problems.)If you listen closely tomorrow you'll hear us say Crocodile, crocodile down by lake, I'm going to reach right in and see what (letter) you ate.


  1. Too funny! I'm glad you were able to salvage that container so you could create the crocodile. Hmmm, . . just thinking here, but could you have transferred the soap things to another container? :-)

  2. This is too funny! Your husband knows you well! Love the crocodile.